Monday, March 16, 2015

Color Block Sweatshirt Refashion, the last one for Winter 2015

I wanted to squeeze this in before the first day of Spring!

Here's my latest sweatshirt refashion, and probably my last for this winter. I can definitely say that I can't wait for warmer weather but I will definitely miss my sweatshirt recon collection.  I just love sweatshirts! It's such great material to work with.

For this reconstruction, I repurposed a grey sweatshirt, size large, and an earlier sweatshirt refashion that didn't work out (that happens sometimes).

I had three design elements I wanted to concentrate on; a flounce, a v-neck, and I knew I wanted it to be tunic. With that in mind, this baby was born! I initially thought I would not put sleeves on it but decided against that. It is a sweatshirt! It should have sleeves. 

Once again, I have the coziness and warmth of a sweatshirt and the cool chicness of a tunic.

I am currently working on some spring outfit ideas, can't wait to show you. Thanks for stopping by! 

Friday, March 6, 2015

Feminist/Womanist T-Shirts: Every Day is Women's History Month at Nelesc Designs

Feminist T-shirts

Angela Davis, Frida Kahlo, Julia de Burgos, Billie Holiday...every day is Women's History Month at Nelesc Designs! These are still available in my shop in various sizes. 

Check them out here

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

How to Refashion a Purse Handle: No Sewing Required

Okay, so do you remember the handle from the last post that was left over from the purse to top refashion? 

Well, I simply added a snap to the ends and it became this snaky, winding bracelet. 

 Isn't it great? 

 It's the easiest refashion I have ever done and it's no sew!

I wear this all the time, I mean it, all the time! 

Okay, time to start cutting off the handles from your purses ladies, lol. Well, the old ones, at least. 

Have a great day! 

Sunday, February 8, 2015

Balancing Motherhood and Creative Entrepreneurship: The Camera Does Not Lie

As I was looking through some old pictures of my T-shirt designs, I came across these which showed the kids in the background, running around.

Mientras miraba algunas fotos viejas de mis diseños de camiseta, me encontré con estas que muestran a los niños en el fondo, corriendo. 

I remember when I started my business, Nelesc Designs, I had an almost 6 year old and a 14 month old. Because natural light is always best, I aimed to take pictures of my designs outdoors. However, in my neck of the woods,  the sun cooperated best around 3:30 PM when my oldest arrived from school. I either had to wait for a day when my husband would be home at that time or just wing it and try to take pictures while my oldest ran around the yard, hoping the camera would not catch him. Ah! but the camera doesn't lie and it catches what is there. This is me balancing motherhood and creative entrepreneurship. 

Recuerdo que cuando empecé mi negocio , Nelesc Designs,  tenía un niño de casi seis años y otro de 14 meses de edad. Debido a que la luz natural siempre es mejor, mi objetivo era tomar fotos para mi sitio web, al aire libre. Sin embargo , en mi vecindario, el sol solamente cooperaba alrededor de las 3:30 de la tarde, precisamente cuando mi hijo mayor llegaba de la escuela. Tenía dos opciones; esperar tomar fotos cuando mi esposo estuviera disponoble para estar con los niños, o simplemente improvisar y tomarlas mientras mis hijos corrían por el patio, deseando que la cámara no los captara. ¡Ah ! pero la cámara no miente y capta lo que hay. Aquí me tiene, equilibrando la maternidad y el emprendimiento creativo.

Early on in the business, I used to leave this part out, the part about my being a mother, especially the fact that I was a mother of special needs children. I wasn't ashamed, I just needed the separation. Nowadays, as I look at these pictures, they are so telling of my progress as a "mompreneur" and the progress my kids have made over the years, particularly, my oldest (I'll call him M). For instance, here, he's giving great eye contact! This was difficult for M in his early years.   

Al principio del negocio, solía dejar esta parte fuera, la parte de ser madre, sobre todo el hecho de que yo era una madre de niños con necesidades especiales . Yo no estaba avergonzada, simplemente necesitaba la separación . Hoy en día, estas fotos, cuentan tanto de mi progreso como  emprendedora al igual del progreso que han hecho mis hijos, especialmente mi hijo mayor ( lo llamaré M ). Por ejemplo, aquí, él está mirando con intento a mis ojos! Esto fue difícil para M cuando era mas pequeño.

As M grew older, he became interested in photography and would take the pictures of my creations while Dan ran around. I liked that he was involved in the business somehow  and this especially came in handy during school breaks when I had no one to watch them. 

It also helped me gage how good Dan followed directions while outdoors in a safe, gated environment. He did okay but I still had to make sure he would not eat dirt or climb over the fence! But, even in the craziness, it felt good to let my kids in on this aspect of my life, this journey of creative entrepreneurship that was initially all mine. It felt more 

A medida que crecia M, empezó a interesarse por la fotografía y, eventualmente, tomaría las fotos de mis creaciones, mientras que Dan corrió alrededor. Me gustó que se vio envuelto en el negocio de alguna manera y esto especialmente fue muy útil durante las vacaciones escolares, cuando no tenía a nadie que me velara los hijos.

También me ayudó evaluar si Dan, en realidad, podria seguir instruciones mientras estaba afuera. El patio era un sitio encerrado y seguro. Lo hizo bien, pero todavía tenía que asegurarme de que no iba a comer tierra o pasar por encima de la cerca! Pero, entremedio de toda esta locura, me sentí bien dejando entrar a mis hijos en este aspecto de mi vida, esta trayectoria del empresarial creativo que inicialmente fue todo mío . Me sentía más auténtica.

My oldest is no longer running around in the background and now intentionally photobombs my shots. I don't get angry though, I actually celebrate it. Like me, he tends to be  uncomfortable in the spotlight. However, lately, he's been feeling his power, finding his voice, getting more assertive, and figuring it all out. I also am finding my voice and am becoming more comfortable with my roles in life; artesana,  special needs mom, entrepreneur, Latina, Christian, etc. I enjoy these worlds intertwining and sometimes colliding. This is us, and the camera does not lie.   

Mi hijo mayor ya no está corriendo en segundo plano y  ahora intencionadamente se mete en mis fotos!  Yo no me enojo, al contrario, lo celebro . Como yo, a él no le gusta ser el centro de atención. Sin embargo, últimamente, esta conociendo su poder, encontrando su voz, es cada vez más asertivo, y esta tratando de entenderlo todo . Yo también he encontrado mi voz y estoy más cómoda con los papeles que desempeño en la vida; artesana, madre de niños con autismo, emprendedora, latina, cristiana, etc. Disfruto de estos mundos que se entrelazan y en ocasiones chocan. Aquí nos tienen, y la cámara no miente.

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

How to Refashion a Purse, Part 2

Hello! First off, Happy New Year! Sorry I'm so late. 

I decided to use this snow day to introduce you to my latest sweatshirt refashion! You might recognize the purse from my last post about this summer top. This time I decided to use the same yoke pattern to make a winter top. 

I used the textured side of the purse this time. 

I used it for the yoke (top part of bodice). You can see the pattern that I made in the same previous post. I also repositioned the crew neckline, making it lower so I wouldn't have to do any binding on it, I just used the ribbing that came with the sweatshirt. 

I also used the purse for the pockets and arm bands. (I apologize for the clutter in the background, I'm working on it).

I really LOVE the way it came out. It's a nice casual top with a little edge. Maybe a little too much edge, it might look a little sci-fi, but I don't mind. My life is a little sci-fi! lol. 

I live in sweatshirts during the winter but need them to be somewhat stylish which is what this little piece offers. 

As always,  feedback is always welcome and I respond to every comment. Have a great snow day! Stay safe. 

Saturday, December 27, 2014

How to Refashion a Purse, Part 1

Lovelies! I am so sorry for being MIA from the blog. Besides the day to day of family life, I am also teaching craft entrepreneurship classes, working in a museum, and focusing on my online shop leaving me little time to blog. However, I will pop in from time to time and share a sewing/refashion projects and/or a post about special needs momhood. This blog is important to me and I continue to want to share my creative and family life with you. 

It just so happens that my sister flew in from the South to be with the family for Christmas prompting me to share the behind the scenes process of a top I made during the summer, when she was also here. It all started with this faux leather purse: 

Front and back of purse. It broke but I definitely wanted to do something with it. 
For the yoke (top part of top) I decided to use the back part of the purse, the part without any pleats. I didn't want the texture of the pleats to compete with the printed fabric I was going to sew it on to. I placed the yoke pattern, which I made from newspaper, onto the purse back and cut around the shape.  And yes, that is a can opener you see holding the pattern piece. I am unconventional that way, lol. 

This is how it came out! It's a simple a-line top, I bound the edges with biased tape. I really love it. It's turning out to be my favorite piece which I wear ALL the time! 

I wore it here when my sister came to visit during the summer, 

here with a sweater during the fall,

 here, wearing it with a jacket while taking a church bathroom selfie.

and here, actually yesterday, at a Christmas gathering at my Pastor's house with amazing friends. So yes, I have worn this every season except for Spring!

So start rummaging through your old purses and start adding some cute yoke details to boring tops or just make one from scratch. 

I am now left with the front piece and handle of the purse. I already repurposed the handle, can't wait to share it with you. I will then have to think about what I can do with the pleated front part. Any ideas?